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MultiVideo delivers keyboard command switching between different CPUs that are sending multiple video signals.  With MultiVideo a user can easily switch between multiple computers to view up to 4 video outputs per CPU.  Audio switching is available in multiplatform models.  Daisy chain MultiVideo units to support up to 64 CPUs.  

Available in PC or multi-platform, the MultiVideo uses simple keyboard commands to switch between computers. The optional on-screen display allows you to switch from its streamlined visual interface and shows which computer you are switched in a choice of colors, position, font size, and font style.

Just think of the diverse applications. You can use it in many areas such as financial trading, emergency call centers, television studios, medical imaging, video editing, process control, and CAD/CAM to name a few.

You can also send a command to the MultiVideo's serial port if you want to switch from a control center. MultiVideo's high resolution is sure to provide a clear picture on all the video monitors.  Combine with our ViewLink or CrystalView extenders to go up to 10 km.


Key Features

  • Available in 4 different port configurations
  • 2 computers, each with 2 video ports
  • 2 computers, each with 4 video ports
  • 4 computers, each with 2 video ports
  • 4 computers, each with 4 video ports
  • Uses UltraCable for superior cable management with lengths of up to 100 feet
  • Video resolution up to 1600 x 1280
  • Optional Advanced Visual Interface (AVI) on-screen display for configuration and computer selection
  • Security system with configuration and user passwords prevents unauthorized configuration and access
  • Switch computers from your keyboard, front panel, AVI, or RS232 port
  • Multi-platform models converts PC, UNIX, Apple, or Sun keyboard and mouse data to any platform
  • Built in daisy-chaining to support up to 64 computers
  • Pre-configuration feature allows installation without powering down in most servers
  • Flash memory with free lifetime upgrade of firmware keeps compatibility with latest devices and features
  • Made In USA

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Rose Electronics MultiVideo