Rose Electronics UL2-SA UltraLink 2 Digital KVM IP

Product Description

The Rose Electronics UltraLink 2 sets a new standard for an easy and secure way to remotely manage server room environments, remote standalone applications such as digital signage and other remote applications.

You can access your computers and servers locally, across your network, or over IP using a web browser.

Connect the unit to a Rose Electronics KVM switch and you now have access to as many as 1,000 computers or servers from anywhere in the world.

The UltraLink 2 is easy to install and configure.  Connect the unit, assign an IP address and network information, remotely connect to the unit and it's ready to use.

Instead of going to a remote site to perform an upgrade or patch, let the remote site come to you. The Virtual Media feature allows the IT professional to remotely access USB equipped systems and perform patches and upgrades without the expense of a trip to the remote site. 

On the dual access model, a local KVM station can be connected for direct access to the connected computer. 

Front panel indicators shows:
               1- The network link activity

               2- Local or remote data received from the computer

               3- Indicates a remote viewer is connected

               4- Indicates the Ethernet network speed (10 / 100 Mbs)

               5- Power indicator

Key Features

  • Local KVM port for configuring the UltraLink 2 and direct local access to the computer or KVM switch
  • Connect to a remote computer, server, or KVM switch directly or remotely over IP using any Internet browser
  • Virtual Media feature allows authorized remote users to transfer files and folders to a computer. This feature makes upgrades possible from remote locations
  • 2 - PS/2 to USB adapters are provided for using USB keyboards and mice
  • Resolution up to 1600 x 1200
  • Solid-state embedded unit for maximum reliability
  • Compatible with Rose Electronics KVM switches and most other KVM devices
  • Easy to install and configure locally using the dual access model or over your network or USB port using the single access model
  • Password security prevents unauthorized configuration and access
  • User ID and password required for remote access
  • Remote application (Real VNC or Java applet) can be installed directly from the unit
  • Up to four simultaneous remote users can access the UltraLink 2 at any one time.
  • Front panel indicators show Link, Local or Remote connection, VNC, Network Speed, and Power
  • Rackmount kits included

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Rose Electronics UL2-SA UltraLink 2 Digital KVM IP
Digital KVM IP with Web browser support, Single access

Digital KVM IP with Web browser support, Dual access

Digital KVM IP with Web browser support, Single access, w/ power supply

Digital KVM IP with Web browser support, Dual access, w/ power supply