G&D LwLVision(M)-MC2-AR

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Product Description

The Guntermann and Drunck High Performance LwLVision-MC2 system consists of a computer module and a workstation module which are connected by two optic fibres.

Local & Remote access, Desk or Rack Mount

The system transmits, Dual Head video (DVI-D & VGA) PS/2 & USB keyboard & mouse as well as RS232 & audio

The distance between the transmitter and receiver can be up to 550 Meters over Multi-Mode Fiber cables. Local & Remote access

Both digital and analog video are supported.

Key Features

  • Supports every common KVM switch
  • Redundant power supply (optional)
  • Devices available as desktop or 19
  • Supports USB and PS/2 keyboard/mouse (including mixed mode)
  • Transmission via two optic fibres up to 550 metres
  • Transparent transmission of the RS232C protocol
  • Transmission of stereo audio/micro (22 kHz bandwidth) in CD quality
  • Resolutions up to1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
  • DDC-support for analog and digital Video AuVisc (Automatic Video Scaling)
  • Automatic video adjustment
  • Remote-sided dual video output (digital, analog)
  • Flash upgrade capability of keyboard/mouse and video processors
  • Local & Remote access
  • Integrated user administration
  • Password protection
  • Permanent setting of a defined target resolution for the remote workstation via OSD or modification of the attributes of the indicator (e.g. TFT)
  • Local and remote video can be switched off
  • Auto LogOff
  • Permanent access to the local and/or remote consoles

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G&D LwLVision-MC2 - Dual Head DVI-D & VGA, USB & PS/2, Audio & Serial KVM Extender kit up to 550 Meters over Multi-Mode Fiber Cables
LwLVision(M)-MC2-AR-PC - single transmitter 2 x VGA + DVI-SL PS/2-USB Audio RS232 - Desk & Rackmount

LwLVision(M)-MC2-AR-Rem - single receiver 2 x VGA + DVI-SL PS/2-USB Audio RS232 - Desk & Rackmount