Rose CrystalView EX5 Quad

Product Description

The Rose Electronics CrystalView EX5 Dual, Triple or Quad extender kit supports DVI graphic interfaces in an uncompressed video format with a resolution up to 1920 x 1200. This full speed uncompressed video data transfer format prevents picture corruption and frame drops. The extender will maintain a smooth and clear picture even when displaying video in the highest resolution up to a distance of 330 feet over a CATx cable.

It also extends USB keyboard and mouse signals. Using enhanced USB emulation, a wide range of USB HID and USB 2.0 devices are supported. 3 USB ports are available on the receiver unit, with the capacity to expand the number of ports to 13 by using USB hubs. Each USB port has 500 ma of power for USB devices requiring higher power to operate.

Key Features

  • Supports uncompressed HD-DVI video with video resolution of 1920*1200, up to 330ft (100m) over solid core STP or UTP CATx cable.
  • Supports USB2.0 (low bandwidth)
  • USB2.0 and USB1.1 (full-speed / 12 Mbps)
  • USB2.0 and USB1.1 (low-speed / 1.5 Mbps)
  • Audio via USB 2.0 using C-Media, or optional dedicated analog audio/serial channel available.
  • 3-USB ports available on the receiver unit.
  • Standard USB hubs can be used to increase the maximum number of connected USB devices.
  • Up to 500mA of power is available at each USB port for high-power USB devices.
  • Each DVI channel requires a separate CATx cable. The USB/Audio is integrated if supported by Windows® USB Media.
  • Plug-and-Play installation, no configuration or
  • set-up required.
  • Both chassis (TX/RX) can be rack mounted.
  • Fully integrated chassis in 1U rack space

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Rose Electronics CrystalView - DVI / USB Dual, Triple or Quad Head KVM extender kit with USB 2.0 up to 140 meters
DVI-D Dual Head mini Chassis KVM extender kit with USB 2.0

DVI-D Dual Head Std Chassis KVM extender kit with USB 2.0

DVI-D Triple Head KVM extender kit with USB 2.0

DVI-D Quad Head KVM extender kit with USB 2.0

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Optional Audio + Serial