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CATCenter X2 - operate 16 computers over 2 simultaneous remote user modules

With CATCenter X2 VGA PS/2 & USB KVM matrix switch allows you to operate 16 computers with 2 simultaneous user modules. The system can be expanded to up to 1024 computers.

The system consists of a main KVM switch, at least one computer interface module and a least one user interface module

The User interface modules can be located up to 300 meters from the computer interface module

With the "COC-Monitoring" feature, you can detect the system status of G&D devices. The device's web interface provides information you can send (SNMP trap) or query (SNMP GET). Both monitoring function and SNMP trap and agent are included in the scope of supply. The information menu shows the configuration settings and the detected status values of the device.

Among others, you can monitor the following statuses:

  • Device's main power supply
  • Device's redundant power supply
  • Device's temperature

Status changes (e.g. power on/off) and exceeding defined threshold values (e.g. temperatures)  highlight these values in red in the web interface. Based on defined parameters, the device also notifies the administrator.


Key Features

  • KVM Switch and extender combined in one system
  • Superior video quality up to 1920 x 1440; VGA, SVGA, SXGA, UXGA, and WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
  • DVI, & serial connections available
  • User connections over IP through the G&D IP user interface module
  • Two network ports for configuration/network services and access over IP
  • internal redundant Power supply standard
  • Hot pluggable system components
  • Desk Top or Rackmount

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G&D CATCenter X2 VGA PS/2 & USB 2 user KVM matrix switch allows you can operate 16 computers over 2 simultaneous user modules. resolution up to 1920x1440 @75Hz
CATCenter X2 - 2 users / 16 computers requires UCON type Desk & Rackmount