Apantac DE-8

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Product Description

Apantac DE-8 Multiviewer, 8  DVI, VGA inputs on one screen, one HDMI or DVI output up to 2048x1080, rack  or desk mount, optional redundant power, audio, HD-SDI inputs and optional  keyboard and mouse control.

Built in CATX long distance extension from multiviewer to screen.



Key Features

  • Universal inputs
  • 4 channels of discrete audio per input (optional)
  • Field upgradable to allow discrete audio (AES/AA)
  • Built-in CATx extenders for each output
  • - Passive short-distance receivers up to 35 feet
  • - Active long-distance receivers up to 115 feet (option)
  • Multiple labels per video windows - UMD, OMD, IMD
  • Automatic input aspect ratio detection
  • Built-in video, audio alarm detections - no audio, audio high/low, no video, video black, video frozen
  • Apantac skin technology allows on-screen graphical elements to be designed with any graphics tool
  • Front panel headphone jack with volume adjustment for audio monitoring
  • Front panel buttons for quick preset recalls

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Apantac DE-8 - 8 port Universal Multiviewer VGA DVI HDMI
8 port Universal Multiviewer VGA DVI HDMI