Rose Electronics UltraMatrix A/V

Product Description

The Rose Electronics UltraMatrix VGA switch is designed especially for control rooms, audio/video presentations, security centers and many other digital media applications.

Easily connect any VGA video / audio source to any VGA video / audio output using the switching matrix software.

Record your video and audio switching scheme and save it in a macro for on demand use.

Display the switching matrix panel and where the source and destination cross, click on that point and the video and audio are instantly switched.

Key Features

  • Extends the monitor and speakers up to 100 feet from the unit
  • Supports all video formats, VGA / SVGA / XGA / RGBHV / SOG and others
  • Video bandwidth of 200MHz
  • Supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200
  • Save and playback up to 50 different Macro routing sequences
  • Click and switch intuitive software for audio and video switching
  • Add additional units to increase the number of monitors (up to 64)
  • Windows based software control for quick and easy switching

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Rose Electronics VGA Video Matrix Switch allows you to switch VGA video and audio 8X8 or 16x16 channels
8x8 Video matrix switch, VGA

8x8 Video matrix switch, VGA & Audio

16x16 Video matrix switch, VGA

16x16 Video matrix switch, VGA & Audio