G&D Control Center Compact - CATX & Fiber

Product Description

The Guntermann and Drunck Control Center Compact 32 port switch with a mixed operation of 16 CatX Dynamic ports & 16 Fiber Dynamic ports - High Performance Digital KVM Matrix Switch system which enables the operation and administration of multiple computers with digital video via distributed consoles

The system consists of three main components: a central module, computer modules (computer connection) and user modules.

The modules are interconnected via CAT-x cables or Fibre optics.The system facilitates the provision of multiple computers at multiple user modules. The number of computer ports as well as the number of user ports can be assigned in any order

The ControlCenter-Compact can be integrated into the network for configuration via web interface, messages to a Syslog server or the use of directory services. Each user module can access every computer. Flexible operation concepts can be implemented, which creates optimal environmental conditions for both users and computers.

The corresponding CPU & User interface modules support the following signals:
VGA, DVI single & dual link, HDMI, DisplayPort & DisplayPort 1.2, PS/2 & USB Keyboard/mouse, USB 2.0 Full Speed (16Mbs), USB High Speed (480Mbs) & Bidirectional Audio.

Key Features

  • HDIP (High Dynamic Image Processing) for best image quality even for moving images
  • Resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 @ 30Hz or 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz or 2048x2160 @ 60 Hz or 1280 x 1024 @ 85 Hz - 24 bit colour depth
  • Configurable number of computer and user ports
  • DVI, HDMI, Display port single & dual link video
  • Audio bidirectional
  • Mixed operation of CatX UTP Cable with Multi-Mode fiber to 400 meters or Single Mode Fiber to 2,000 meters or Single Mode Plus to 10,000 meters

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G&D Control Center Compact - CATX & Fiber
ControlCenter-Compact-16F(M)- 16C - compact matrix switch with 16 dynamic ports, Transmission over CAT cable or Multi-Mode fiber cable

ControlCenter-Compact-16F(S)- 16C - compact matrix switch with 16 dynamic ports, Transmission over CAT cable or Single Mode fiber cable

ControlCenter-Compact-16F(S+)- 16C - compact matrix switch with 16 dynamic ports, Transmission over CAT cable or Single Mode Plus fiber cable

Optional Firmware Upgrades
TS-Function Digital Matrix - Operate several DVI-CON User Stations with one keyboard & Mouse - with Cross Display Switching

Push-Get-Function Digital - Send own screen content or get foreign console's screen content

Matrix-Grid Function Digital Matrix - Bi-directional cascading of digital matrix switch systems - per device

IP-Control-API-D32 - Interface for operating the system by third parties GUI