Rose CrystalView Micro DL

Product Description

The Rose Electronics CrystalView DVI Micro Fiber is a compact extender combining efficiency and functionality into an affordable solution. Specifically designed for a single SC type multi-mode optical fiber, CrystalView DVI Micro Fiber will extend a DVI video signal to a remote monitor up to 3,300 feet away.

Video resolution reaches a maximum of 3840x2400, but is contingent on distance with signal degradation as it increases.

Key Features

  • Supports dual-link DVI video
  • Miniature style directly connects to DVI connector
  • Video resolution up to 3840 x 2400 @ 24 Hz, at 1000 feet (300m)
  • Dual SC type connector on unit connects to two multi-mode fibers
  • Auto-detect EDID information

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Rose Electronics CrystalView Micro DL DVI Multi-Mode Fiber Extender kit up to 3840x2400
DVI Micro Extender/DL