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The Smart AVI AV16X16AS AVRouter/Matrix switch, VGA video and stereo audio type signals. All signal formats are catered for including VGA, SVGA, XGA and UXGA. Standard VGA connectors (HD15 sockets) are used on the rear for ease of installation for video connectivity and RCAs for computer audio.

The units contain a very high bandwidth (400MHz) routing matrix for the Red, Green and Blue video channels and separate switching layers for stereo audio. The color signals and are then balanced internally and combined with the audio signals. This combined signal is then driven out through boosted signals.

Each unit can be controlled via a RS422 port connecting via a RJ45 on the front of the main chassis. Two connectors are provided for expansion, allowing a simple Cat5 patch cable to link to additional units. An adjustable rotary switch allows each unit to be assigned a unique ID read when the unit is first powered up. An optional Windows application (SmartNetControl ) is available including a RS232 to RS422 converter.

In addition to the centralized control from a computer, each output can be selected individually at the remote receiver location.

Local audio output To help accommodate multi-room audio systems, there is an option for local audio output on the front of the unit. The audio is presented as Jack stereo pair. Output drivers allow the audio to be connected to any amplifier input at line level. The audio will follow whichever source device is selected.

Key Features

  • High quality audio and video switching
  • High resolution up to 1920 x 1200
  • InfraRed and RS422 control
  • PC Windows software control
  • Can be mixed with other video signal (RGB, YUV, RGBS

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Smart AVI AV16X16AS - 16X16 VGA Router/Matrix switch with audio
Routes 16 UXGA/Component to 16 Remote Monitors.

Routes 16 UXGA/Component + Stereo Audio to 16 Remote Monitors/Speakers