Avenview VGA-C5A-R

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Avenview VGA-C5A-R Receiver unit allows you extend to VGA (WUXGA) to cover the distance up to 300m and works with the Avenview exender/splitter range of transmitters, 4 or 8 port variants available

With built-in EQ and GAIN control, the transmission path can be adjusted to adapt the cable quality and video bandwidth. Furthermore, the VGA RGB delay control [de-skew] function provides the compensation among R, G, B signals due to long transmission or through normal LAN cable.

Analog stereo audio signals can be sent along with high quality VGA signal over long distance LAN cable.

Key Features

  • Supports up to WUXGA (1920x1200@60) to 300m (1,000ft)
  • Supports Analog Stereo Audio and S/PDIF Digital Audio
  • Adjustable equalization and gain control on Receiver unit
  • De-skew compensation available for RGB delay control
  • Wall mounting case

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Avenview VGA-C5A-R VGA Video Splitter Receiver unit over CatX
Avenview VGA Video Splitter Receiver unit over CatX