AdderLink Infinity ALIF 2112T DVI Dual Head or Dual Link with VNC Transmitter

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United Kingdom

Product Description

As part of the ADDERLink INFINITY range, ADDERLink INFINITY  ALIF 2112T is a high performance KVM Transmitter with VNC Viewer that enables you to connect to the AdderLink Infinity Manager for a completer KVM over IP KVM Matrix Switch with unlimited number of computers and user stations

The ALIF1112T DVI Dual Head or Dual Link DVI USB 2.0 with VNC KVM transmitters provide pixel perfect video with minimal lag across to an unlimited distance over your local area network

This KVM extender can be used as a point-to-point extender in conjunction with AdderLink receiver units, or integrated into a wider KVM matrix system when combined with the Adderlink Infinity Manager

Key Features

  • View 1 x 2560x1600 or two 1920x1200 sessions
  • Real VNC server with RFB 3.3 support
  • Up to 256bit AES and RSA 2048 encryption
  • VM support and RS232 for power control
  • Supports 16 users simultaneously
  • Out of band BIOS level access
  • Compatible with AdderLink Infinity Matrix

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AdderLink Infinity ALIF2112 DVI Dual Head or Dual Link KVM Transmitter
ALIF 2112T
AdderLink Infinity ALIF2112T - Transmitter Dual Head or Dual Link DVI & USB 2.0 with VNC Viewer, CatX, or Fiber KVM Extender with Audio & Serial support