G&D ControlCenter IP Matrix Management Device

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Product Description

The Guntermann & Drunck Control Center IP is a centralised KVM matrix management system allowing the full control of your IP KVM transmitters and receivers over your LAN infustructure

In order to use the full functionality of the ControlCenter-IP, this applianceis incorporated into the network in addition to each extendersystems (CON and CPU).

While the central routing itself is handled via standard networkswitches, the ControlCenter-IP takes over the logic in the networkand optimises the accessibility of all devices among each other by
allowing the switching between the CON and CPU modules. The user moves in a high-performance G&D matrix environment while leveraging the benefits of flexible network.

Easy to use and compatible
G&D has taken the features of the classic ControlCenter series and integrated it into the KVM-over-IP ™ matrix. The resulting Control-Center-IP combines the advantages of both devices.
This includes the basic administration with extensive user and rightsmanagement. Many helpful and popular control room features such as monitoring, scenario circuits, push-get for optimal cooperation and incorporation of video walls to the CrossDisplay switching for absolutely intuitive operation of multi-monitor workstations are also available. The G&D IP devices are compatible with each other and allow optimisations in the customer-side system and its extension at any time.

Function of the ControlCenter-IP
The ControlCenter-IP supplements the series of Vision-IP of G&D witha variety of matrix functions. These functions use G&D‘s KVM-over-IP™ for the transmission of signals. The transfer takes place undercompression with CAT wiring via standard IP-based networks (OSI layer model 3) and a Gigabit Ethernet. Using bandwidth management, the user can adjust the transmission to a variety of bandwidth requirements.

The Control Center IP allows the switching of the following signals

DP 1.2a and DP 1.1a up to 4K@60Hz
Single link and dual link DVI up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
Bidirectional audio transmission
Support of PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse
RS232 transparent

Key Features

  • Redundant power supply included
  • Redundant network interface
  • Access protection and user administration
  • Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) protects any access and configuration data against exposure with RSA encryption process
  • Channel grouping
  • Authentication
  • Monitoring, SNMP, syslog
  • User rights management
  • MultiUser access to a single server
  • PowerSwitching: Support for IP-based circuit breaker (Neol)
  • Support for AMX or Crestron control systems
  • Supports up to 4K and UltraHD resolutions @ 60Hz
  • Secure and trouble-free operation through pairing and encryption with AES-128 (not manipulable)

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G&D ControlCenter-IP KVM Matrix Management Device
G&D ControlCenter-IP: KVM over IP Matrix control unit

G&D ControlCenter-IP user Licenses
G&D ControlCenter-IP-UPG-10 User License for up to 10 end points

G&D ControlCenter-IP-UPG-50 User License for up to 50 end points

G&D ControlCenter-IP-UPG-100 User License for up to 100 end points

G&D ControlCenter-IP-UPG-200 User License for up to 200 end points

G&D ControlCenter-IP-UPG-500 User License for up to 500 end points

G&D ControlCenter-IP Firmware Upgrades
G&D TS-Function ControlCenter-IP Multi Screen control by a single user and Cross Display Switching: The mouse acts as if on a „virtual desktop“ and can be moved seamlessly across the connected displays. Moving the cursor from the active to another display, the keyboard-mouse focus automatically switches to the connected computer. Now users can create a multi-monitor console and need only one keyboard and one mouse to operate all computers.

G&D Push-Get-Function ControlCenter-IP Video distribution to multi screens, allows the user to „push“ (push) the image on his monitor to the display of another workstation or a large-screen projection or to „get“ it from there (Get).

G&D Scenario Switching ControlCenter-IP Scenario switching lets you store the switching condition of one or multiple workplaces or even of the entire system. The selected switching states are saved in a script in the matrix system and can be accessed and executed via the OSD of workplaces assigned with the required rights